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Although pain management is a well known medical field, not everyone is familiar with the details of it.  Our goal is to reduce or eliminate your pain.  We strive to assist you to break the grip the pain has on you and allow you to live your life to the fullest.  
East Valley Pain Center specializes in relieving back and neck pain including:
  • degenerative disc disease
  • spinal stenosis
  • spinal fractures
  • degenerative joint disease
  • post spinal surgery pain

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East Valley Pain Center, P.C.
     Nand Bhardwaja, M.D.

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  • Board Certified Physician
  • State of the Art Facility

  • Non-Surgical Approach 
  • Warm, Friendly Environment
  • Effective Treatment Plans
  • Immediate Appointments
  • Convenient Location

what is pain management?

Aside from providing state of the art medical care, our physician, Nand Bhardwaja, M.D., is fellowship trained on the latest and most advanced pain management techniques.  Our procedures are performed using precise fluoroscopic imaging in our fluoroscopic suite where you are closely monitored before, during and after the procedure with registered nurses for maximum comfort and safety. 

Unremitting pain can be all encompassing and overpowering.  It can affect all aspects of your normal daily life; impacting upon your daily routines, productivity at work, interpersonal interactions, and ability to enjoy your favorite activities.  Let us help you manage your pain.

At EVPC, it starts from the time you contact us.  Our helpful staff will assist you to get the care you need in a smooth and expedient manner.  We make it our credo "your pain is our priority".

From start to finish, your consultation, procedure, and follow-up appointments are all performed in our state-of-the-art facility; not at some busy and expensive hospital/surgicenter.  This helps to alleviate any unnecessary stress and lowers your financial costs.  Our dedicated and friendly staff are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have during your treatment process.